Gorgeous Green Nail Polish Colors for Your Manicure

Have you ever thought of trying a green mani? It might not be your first option when choosing the best nail polish colors, but those who have tried it confess that it is stylish and versatile. It will also enhance your look by adding a myriad of fantastic pop colors. It is the best option for a bold look, especially when you want to try a new style. Besides, wearing it on St. Patrick’s Day will leave you looking perfect. You can achieve all this even if the mani is not neon green or even classic bright. If you didn’t know, the more neutral and darker green shades are still super flattering and daring. They are just as chic as a clean white mani, or iconic red nails. You will find plenty of colors in your gel, acrylic, or dip powder kits. You only have to ask for it when you visit your usual DND, SNS, or LDS nail supplies store. The best green nail polish colors range from rich emeralds and dark green to the more subtle pastel green and olives.

Leaf Me Be

This is a hunter green nail polish from Sally Hansen known to surprisingly last longer than usual polishes, chip less and dry fast. It has a sophisticated formulation with hints of black to help transition from office days to nights out.

Mojito Madness

This Essie’s best and award-winning bright green color is one of the best green shades in the market. It is specially made for those trying to make their mojito match with their nails. It has the perfect bright green hue that everyone wants. Trying this color gives you a stunning glossy finish.

Envy the Adventure

This is an enviable OPI nail gel polish. It is made up of emerald shades of green that provides the user with a shimmer-free and creamy finish. This color is one of the best options for any occasion because it gives you an unmatched perfect finish.

Go Go Green

This Maybelline nail formula is budget friendly and a great option when you want your nails to camouflage with the environment. Its bright lime shades are beautiful and the best for any occasion.

Mint Candy Apple

This is a light-toned but delicate Essie’s shade with a mint green look. Like its name, the shade is sweet and one of the best green colors that every manicure lover should try out. The resultant manicure is delightful and amazing.

Things I Have Seen in Aber-Green

This OPI made product provides a green shade that is moodier and darker than the usual polishes. The near-black shade gives the users a more chill and edgier look that matches with all the outfits. This makes it a great color to try out.

Emerald Blaze

This duo-chrome green shade is a stunning option that provides your nails with the elegance you need. It is famous for its ability to shift to brown and bronze depending on the light’s angle. The Covergirl’s made shade is reputable for its unmatched resistance to chipping.


This is an olive green shade that is more neutral than most of the green tones. Its white overcast makes it more unique. The Essie’s made khaki green shade is more subtle, perfect, and neutral for those who want to dip their nail tips into the green color.

How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?

The OPI Zen green Tokyo collection gives you a Zen feeling with its pale green look. This nail lacquer is perfect for springtime due to its soft, light, and luscious tone.


This Zoya made sparkly green is a great option to add vivacity into your green. It also contains pixie dust that helps make your nails look more captivating.

Sweeter Weather

This Essie’s forest green shade always provides your nails with sweeter weather all the time. It is known to give the nails a shimmer finish that gives your nails with the elegance you desire. Its shimmer finish also makes the nails silky and smooth.


Almost every nail product’s company has at least tried to come up with green nail lacquer. While some are healthy, others are also toxic. Therefore, there is a need to be aware of the nature of shade that you are trying out before you can destroy your nails. There are green lacquers for LDS dip nails as there is for SNS nails, OPI, gels, and acrylics. However, this article provides you with the best green shades that have been approved and tested by world-class dermatologists. If you wish to go green, you can try out the Sweeter Weather, Elphie, Exposed, and Emerald Blaze, Envy the Adventure, Leaf Me Be, Go Go Green Mint Candy Apple and Things I Have Seen in Aber-Green among others. Just make sure that your option matches the surrounding, the event, or the outfit to avoid looking odd.