Outdoor Tanning Lotion – A Smart Way to Get the Perfect Tan

Do you know that body tanning has many advantages? Sunrays not only make your mood uplifted, but it causes the formation of Vitamin D in your body. Often UV rays benefit us with a heliotherapy in our body. Body tanning is essential as it helps in protecting the skin from being burnt. A natural tanning lotion is always helpful as it retains the moisture of the skin while you are bathing under the sunbed tanning accelerators.

outdoor tanning

Benefits of Tanning

When summer approaches, you should not be worried about the glow of your skin. As a bronzing solution to the tanning process, it can always be the savior for you.

Moisturizes Well

The main benefit of using tanning formula is to hydrate your dry skin. Your skin will be nourished well and looks better when you let it naturally tan.

Aging Slows Down

When you are sun tanning your body, it helps to make your skin look firmer. The skin aging lines and wrinkles disappear effectively.

Protects Skin Burn

On many occasions, skin burns can be treated well with the help of tanning lotions. Even it is observed in many cases that skin discoloration can be protected if you are using the correct tanning accelerated lotion on your face and body.

Tips to Use Accelerating Lotions 

There are various methods of body tanning solutions that you can opt for according to your skin type. However, as compared to the indoor tanning process, the outdoor tanning accelerator takes lesser time to get that perfect tanned body.

Many skincare experts and dermatologists have opined that tanning accelerators work faster on human skin as they are composed of amino acid tyrosine.


In case you are a beginner or trying tanning for the first time, you should always begin with the maximizers or accelerators to get the fast results. Again, these are very helpful if you have sensitive skin. 

Mostly it is seen the outdoor tanning accelerators are blended well with anti-aging materials like CoQ-10. This is ideal for any base tanning for the user’s body. Therefore, you will not feel any burning sensation on your skin when you start with this method.

If you have dry skin, then try going for the moisture-retaining accelerators. The hemp oil present in this solution can be very beneficial for dry skin users.

Lotions/ Bronzers

Bronzers are the advanced accelerators and are very common in tanning. There are two main types of bronzers, depending on their efficiency-immediate or fast and delayed.  If any user tries to apply bronzers on their skin, then DHA combined elements are useful. It helps your tanning stay longer on your skin. Again, if you do not want any patchy tan on your body after using a bronzer, then you can also apply a tanning lotion with it.

Tingling Lotions

These lotions, when applied on the skin, cause a tingle or irritation. However, this sensation does not last for long. It mainly causes the blood surface above your skin to be energized and boosted up as UV rays fall directly. Any beginner who wants their body to get a dark tan can surely go for these lotions.  If you have sensitive skin, then you should consult your dermatologist before using these solutions.

To get safe tanning faster, you should always remember it depends on your skin color. Mostly any individual can get the desired base tan in 5-6 sessions. However, it needs to be maintained as well under the sunbed. For a safer side, you can go for the tanning process twice a week. If you want your tanned skin to get darker tone, then you should increase the amount of your body exposure under the sun more.

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